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You only get one chance at a first impression. Make the most of it with unique ID badges.

The first point of contact for events is often a registration booth that provides sticky name tapes or printed paper tags in flimsy plastic sleeves. Set the tone at your next convention, festival, exhibition, concert, or seminar by handing attendees custom engraved ID badges.  The quality and unique appeal of personalized ID badges will ensure visitors start their event experience with their expectations blown away.  Compared to thin wavy generic badges, our laser etched wood, leather, and acrylic badges stand apart in the biggest ways.

Custom ID Badge designs are limited only by imagination; gone are the days of boring rectangles and circles. We cut and etch logos, tradenames, names, and more.  Our designers make unique and first-class artwork for every credentials badge client.  Your attendees are sure to keep their credentials badge as a keepsakes, which means they wont be forgetting your company name anytime soon.

  • Leather
  • Acrylics
  • Wood

We have a variable price scale based on each project’s individual needs. Complex designs that take extended times to cut, premium material types, and heavy material thicknesses, as well as additional graphic design support can affect pricing.

This pricelist reflects basic projects without any upgraded services or materials.

  • 50 identical badges | $350 
  • 50 badges with unique names/logos on each badge | $500
  • 100 identical badges | $600
  • 100 badges with unique names/logos on each badge | $850
  • 250 identical badges | $1350
  • 250 badges with unique names/logos on each badge | $1800
  • A call-back from one of our graphic designers to discuss the needs of your event badges
  • Two rounds of editing with digital/Print mock-ups
  • One round of editing with 1/8′ wooden mock-ups.